My heart breaks for the children that I see on a regular basis. And until the last couple of years, I couldn’t see how I could personally help the children. Don’t get me wrong, I know that I’m filling a need…but it is only temporary. I am there for the hospitalized orphan, and I wouldn’t trade that time for anything. But these children need to be in families!

Lifeline Children’s Services in Birmingham, Alabama has asked for Jim and me to meet with their staff on several occasions when we are visiting the States. They want to know how to help families better once they are on THIS side of the Pond. I must say that when we speak with different adopting families here, we are convinced that Lifeline prepares families better than anyone we know … particularly about what to expect once arriving in Ukraine.

Eli Project is not an adoption agency, but they advocate for children here. The website offers a step by step guide to tackling the mounds of paperwork. And Chris and Mary Malone can speak from experience: They have adopted several children from Ukraine and the last child as recently as this year. For those looking to do-it-yourself, this is a great resource. The Malones will walk you through it.

I can also recommend two overnight locations for those families traveling through Kyiv:

For short term stays (before and after the actual adoption process that takes place in the region where the orphanage is), a friend has opened her flat at no charge. You can contact Karen Springs directly at the hospitality house.

I am also aware of a 2-room flat that is available for a very reasonable rate for those short termers or those who are adopting in Kyiv and want a reasonable price! The flat is in the center so easy access to the metro. Contact me directly if you’re in need of such accommodations.


  1. Hope ai can meet up with you when I am in the UKRAINE in June.

  2. I also enjoy working with children.
    Kids, adoption, charity, helping whose who are in need – wow! That’s what I always wanted to do.
    You are doing a great job Marianna!

  3. Colleen Holt says:

    I’m a fellow Cincinnatian, and have adopted four times from Ukraine – 2 teens and two younger with special needs. I’m pleasantly surprised to find your blog and read about your work. I’ve felt called to HIV+ adoption for a few years now. I would love to email offline, if possible.

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