A partial list of resources that were particularly helpful to me as I sought to learn more about HIV/AIDS: (This list will be added to as I learn about other top-notch resources)


from HIV to Home This site is written to educate families and assist in the adoption of HIV+ orphans. I personally found the webinar explaining about the disease extremely helpful. (We had to watch it at 3 a.m. here, but it was worth setting the alarm!) The link on the HIV FAQs will answer most any question you have.

project HOPEFUL Tons of useful information including the Truth Pandemic video that you can share with others to help reduce the stigma of the HIV+ status. A new series through their blog link answers your most burning questions: If the question hasn’t been answered yet, then ask it! No topic will go unanswered!!


Time to Talk in Church about HIV and AIDS: a Bible study discussion guide
Andrea Bakke and Corean Bakke
From the back cover: “…The questions force each participant to examine his/her prejudices, pet theological positions and walk before God.”

The AIDS Crisis: What We Can Do
Deborah Dortzbach and W. Meredith Long
We had the pleasure to meet with Debbie when she was in Kyiv on two occasions: one being an AIDS forum. This book is written from the perspective of two practitioners who have worked in the field of HIV/AIDS for years. Lots to think about!

Dr. Patrick Dixon
A medical doctor shares about how he himself became involved working with patients afflicted with HIV/AIDS. This book tells the facts, and challenges all of us to urgent, practical action.

The Skeptics Guide to the Global AIDS Crisis
Dale Hanson Bourke
From the back cover: “…This book will prove to be an invaluable resource for your education and involvement in the global AIDS crisis

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