Puttin’ on the Ritz

How fun is this? A flash mob in Moscow!

Moscow flash mob

Having trouble getting this link to work…still trying!


The Hall family

One of our most favorite families ever that we met through adoption in Ukraine has got to be the Halls. We were disappointed when we missed them at the LifeLine gathering, but were thrilled that they would drive nearly 2 hours each way to visit us at the end of the missions festival in Birmingham.

When Jason and Mel initially made the trip to Ukraine, they included their son Grant. What a creative young man! Some of you may recall posts of mine during that time frame when Grant read a book that he had written in the style of Dr. Seuss.

What a surprise to discover that Inna doesn’t remember Russian or Ukrainian, but how fun to see her eyes light up when she actually DID understand something spoken to her in Russian. And Vitalik? Well, he only stayed still long enough for the picture — all boy!

Please continue to pray for families in the midst of adoption, and please continue to pray for them once they’ve returned home. The roller coaster ride does not necessarily end when the families leave Ukraine…

Need a smile today? Watch this , back in the day.




This warms Grammy’s heart to see her grandsons playing together…also knowing that their Moms are also together!

I don’t think you could ever send me too many videos.

Thanks, Dasha, for shooting and sending the video. Thanks, Jeanne, for getting Milan over to Lydian’s place!

Cry Me a River

Our home church hosted a coffee house last night…multi-talented musicians turned out teaming with each other in new combinations. Megan Garrity sang this rendition of Cry Me a River with her husband Jimmy on the guitar and our son Jamie on the vibes.

Guy and Esme

Oh, my goodness, this is such a sweet video.

(Thanks, Wendy, for posting this on facebook!)

Joseph, Zoya and the rest of the Urban clan

Just had to share this 4-minute video of the Urban adoption adventure:

Please pray for this family as well as the myriad others who believe wholeheartedly that we need to take of orphans!

Memorial Day tribute

Reagan: Tear down this wall

And then 20 years ago today…the wall came down.

Ukraine history through music and sand art

A friend just posted this on facebook. Amazing talent. Sand art telling the story of the invasion of Ukraine in WWII.

Rain delay dance off…again…

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Do it.

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