Whooo wants cookies?

It seemed so simple when watching the tutorial.

Start with your favorite sugar cookie recipe and a tulip-shaped cookie cutter.

Tulip cookies

Bake and let cool.

Carefully pipe the outline before filling in the color.

Outlined tulip

After the color has set, pipe wings and fill them.

Winging it

Candy eyes, eyebrows and a beak complete the look.


Well, kind of cute. But not exactly right.


Okay. I know we forgot to leave room for the wittle feet.

Thankful for a group tomorrow that will simply love receiving them.

Kyiv, Ukraine

Kyiv, UkraineWhat’s going on in Ukraine…and who cares? It actually surprises me to hear from friends in the U.S. that they are seeing nothing on the news. Really?

This article from Forbes might help you understand WHY it’s important to keep an eye on Ukraine.

The Kyiv Post is posting timely updates here, just so you’re up to snuff.

Please pray for the people of Ukraine. And the leaders. And the opposition. And the law enforcers.

(Photo via TheBlogPirate)