Ministry friends

Give thanksWe felt so privileged to be invited to share Thanksgiving Day with Cara and her friends. Actually Cara, Jim and I were the only Americans, but many of the guests had experienced Thanksgiving celebrations over the years. It was quite encouraging to hear each guest reflect what God has done in his/her life over the last year and what to expect for this next year…this is a tradition for Cara and a great one.

Thanks, Cara, for including us in a wonderful day with amazing taste sensations and delightful company. Thanks, Susidko kids, for letting us take part in your games. Thanks, Sergiy and Tanya, for the lift to and from the metro…it gives us a few minutes to catch up with each other before the chaos of a full house!

And did I mention that a wedding took place at Cara’s right before dinner? How about THAT for a reception meal?? Yum!

Thankful that I didn’t nab a second piece of pumpkin pie…so tempting, though. And the apple pies were masterpieces though I didn’t actually have a slice.

Thankfully full.


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