UMO board

Give thanksHow very thankful I am for the amazing board of Ukraine Medical Outreach…those currently serving and those who have served in the past. We are amazed at your dedication to the ministry here in Ukraine, and cannot express in simple language how much your encouragement, your prayers, your skype calls, your notes, and your direction has meant to us…and also to the people we serve here in Ukraine. You are a gift from God.

Board member Tom Saxon is arriving today as part of a team spending a week here to improve the care for children with autism and to help support their families. Please pray for not only the conference at the end of the week, but also for the strategic meetings with government officials and educators over the next days. Pray also for the specific families that the team will be meeting to evaluate their children, to give encouragement, and to give some specific direction in caring for them.



  1. kazaknomad says:

    You are still blogging every day! WTG! I am working on my second book with a final deadline to get everything in to the publisher in one month. You might be seeing me in your neck of the woods in a year or so, the Lord willing. I’ll keep you posted when I know more. Glad you are STILL there in Ukraine!

    • I have been less than stellar with my blogging but really wanted to get back into regular writing sooo I took the fb idea of posting something to be thankful for each day in a sentence or two and opted to blog about something each day…with a little more than a sentence! Keeps me motivated! Keep us posted on your schedule!

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