Give thanksI do love living in an area that has four seasons. My most favorite seasons are fall and spring because they are less extreme than summer and winter. Especially here in Ukraine. Thankfully I prefer the cold of winter — snow rather than cold bone-penetrating rain…brrrrrr — over the heat of summer. This summer wasn’t so sizzling, but some years I have just wanted to climb into the fridge. Fall appeared with its cooling temperatures and I so love the bright yellows and golds as the leaves prepare to drop.

Today while walking around Podil with Jim, the cold winter breeze made itself known. Blustery. Actually quite chilly, though I won’t say cold yet. Cold is really really cold here. Really. Until we have inches of ice on the sidewalk, and trucks hauling snow away from the streets, then it’s not yet winter. Nor really cold. But it’s coming.

And as much as I love the white blanket of snow covering the dirt of the city, I do also love living in the city of flowers. Spring is amazing. The whole city smells new! Everyone comes alive after hibernating through the last month of winter — typically gray, wet, dirty…with everyone wearing black or grey. Bright colors on the trees, in the gardens, and on the clothes. Truly a sight for sore eyes.

Just wish it didn’t turn back into summer for sooo long.


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