Our veterans

Give thanksHow can we ever truly express our gratitude for what our veterans have done for each one of us who claims American citizenship? Separation from family for extended time, witnesses to the horror of war. Thankful for the camaraderie among them, particularly when many veterans did not receive much thanks upon their return to the USA.

Thankful that citizens are realizing, hopefully, that freedom isn’t free and our veterans paid the price. Some with their very lives.

May our country work harder at taking care of our veterans upon their return. It is shameful, actually, to compare their ‘benefits’ to the benefits of those who create the laws that do not compensate financially nor emotionally to their well-being. Thankful for businesses who actively seek out veterans to offer jobs.

Saying thanks just doesn’t cut it. I pray that veterans really know how many of us understand the price they paid (and are paying), and that we pray for them regularly.

Hug a veteran today!!


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