Home alone

Give thanksJim and I love house guests…and as I wrote earlier this month, we have the space to allow people to comfortably spend some time here. Some times the visits are way too short, and sometimes folks are here for extended times. (These are usually people here with lots that they need to be doing — ministry in other cities and this is just home base, temporary work situations, whatever that would cause someone to have a need for an extended visit.) We really love ALL of our guests. Really we do.

But this weekend, it turns out that Jim and I have our flat to ourselves. Our colleague who has been here for a couple of weeks left last night to travel to Russia and will not return until Tuesday. We look forward to his return, but we are also thankful for a few private days in the midst of the craziness of our lives over the next several weeks.

Thankful also that Jim and I actually love these times when we can talk, dream, plan, and LAUGH!


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