Morning routines

Give thanksThankful for morning routines. I truly love that Jim and I have for years now met together each morning for 90 minutes or so before the workday begins at 9:00. We spend about 30 minutes simply comparing our calendars and discussing whatever comes to mind.

At 8:00 we read together. Typically I am the one reading out loud, but that has been known to change…rarely. First we usually read an agreed-upon devotional of some sort — this calendar year we opted to go through Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion, spurred on by a facebook group that provided a reading schedule and also some discussion. Jim and I feel free to stop our reading at any point to ask each other questions or to simply agree or disagree with what we’re reading.

Following our devotional time we read another book…whatever we’d like to read together. Currently we’re reading once again Michael Horton’s book entitled Putting Amazing Back into Grace. We have read soooo many books together over the years. This plan keeps us literally on the same page.

Then we take some time to pray together. For our day. For our family. For our ministry. For the church. For our friends. For whatever comes to mind.

By 9:00 when Jim’s assistant rings the doorbell, we’re ready for the rest of the day.

Love mornings. And love our routine.


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