Language study

Give thanksOh, how thankful I am that I have an amazingly patient Ukrainian-language teacher who actually comes to my home twice a week! It’s wonderful that she designs all of her students’ lessons plans specifically for vocabulary that THEY will need to know. For example, when I was teaching English she taught me the correct words for the grammar lessons that I prepared…in fact, she even sat in on one of my lessons so that she could better help me teach! Turns out those adult lessons stopped, but I did teach English to pre-schoolers for a number of years…needless to say I needed to know how to say simple commands that the children would understand.

Currently we are going through the Jesus Storybook Bible in Ukrainian. Love the lessons, though the vocabulary is crazy! Lists of verbs that are the sounds that animals make: chirp, chatter, moo, bleat, caw and more. Not sure that I’m going to spend much time learning all of those!! Shhh.

What a privilege to study Ukrainian IN Ukraine!


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