Chris and Mary

Give thanksContinuing with my posts of thanksgiving, I am so thankful for friends. And today I am especially thankful for Chris and Mary Malone, missionary cohorts of ours in Ukraine.

Chris and Mary have an amazing story of how God drew them to Ukraine AFTER adopting four children with DS from here. Yes, they moved a family of ELEVEN to Ukraine from the comforts of Oklahoma nearly two years ago. But that is their story to share — read more about them here.

We are profoundly thankful that they are here and cannot even begin to write about how many ways they have encouraged us since they’ve been here. And not just us, but so so so many people. We look forward to dinner tonight with them — a time to update about our respective ministries and families…and a time to pray with and for each other. Nothing beats conversations laced with grace and we thank them for listening, sharing, caring, and praying.

With all of our full schedules, we’re fortunate if we get to meet face-to-face even every other month. Such are the lives of missionaries. But we each know the other is only a phone call or e-mail away. A huge blessing.

Thanks for your friendship, Chris and Mary!


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