Church of the Holy Trinity

Give thanksSunday. A day to rest. A day to gather for corporate worship with like-minded Believers. Refreshing, restorative.

I know we’re blessed to join others in Kyiv to worship through music and preaching at Church of the Holy Trinity. Pastor Ivan Bespalov typically preaches straight through specific books of the Bible so that we are aware of the whole of Scripture and not simply hand-picked favorite passages. Passages that encourage, exhort, challenge. And a blend of hymns and more contemporary praise music. And, of course, the gospel is central.

Since the Spring, Pastor Ivan has added a second service each Sunday. We especially are thankful for this service because he preaches in English at 5:00. We now have a service that allows us not only to worship in our native language, but we can also invite other English speakers to hear solid biblical preaching…not everyone is here long enough to learn the language, so this is certainly filling a void: adopting couples, short-term visitors, English teachers, business professionals. We also love the opportunity to offer Ukrainians who are studying English the chance to worship with us. A wonderful tradition at the end of the English service is a time of prayer for each others’ needs.

Yes, two services a day. We attend them both. And we’re thankful.


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