Chocolate wars

Roshen chocolatesLife in Ukraine — flowers, vodka, and chocolate. And lots of each.

These staples of life here greatly affect the economy as well. And we’re now seeing a continuation of the Chocolate War that began earlier this year when Russia banned imports from Ukraine, and, in particular, products made by the Roshen company.

As this article states, Russia is strong-arming those former Russian territories that are caught between signing a trade agreement with western Europe or Russia.

A Roshen candy/cake outlet is just down the street from our flat. Looks like I need to do some serious shopping.



  1. Do ya think we could talk Roshen into an American connection? I would love to be able to buy their chocolates here, Yum, yum!!

    • Wonder whether they’ll consider that route — there are LOTS of folks in the states who would LOVE to get their hands on some authentic Roshen chocolates…not to mention their tortes and other cookies/crackers. You might need to start your own little import/export business!!

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