Amazing grace

Jim and I are once again reading Michael Horton’s book entitled Putting Amazing Back into Grace. I love this book. I love its richness. I love its simplicity. I love its message. And I love to read it together with Jim…out loud each morning. What a wonderful way to start our days!!

I could write an excerpt on this blog every day, but I’ll spare you that. Although I WILL be quoting from it from time to time.

Like today. Heh.

It’s on a section about election and predestination. And I appreciate his warning to some of us Reformed folks:

“Sometimes, when one learns about election for the first time, the new discovery swallows everything in sight. The sovereignty of God is sometimes so emphasized that other attributes responsible for our election — God’s mercy, his love, his kindness — are neglected. This creates a doctrine that is less tender, less compassionate, and less biblical. Furthermore, because our knowledge of God the Father is so scant these days, having our eyes opened to his majesty in election is almost overwhelming. And yet, election is Christ-centered, and we must never use such a magnificent doctrine as a vehicle for understanding God the Father without locating its reference point in God the Son. Apart from Christ, any concept of election or predestination is bound to lead to despair rather than joy.”

Thankful that it’s not about me and what I’ve done, but about Him and what He’s done!

How amazing is that??!!


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