One of our daughters has spent most of the last decade living in Kathmandu, Nepal. She has adapted fairly easily to the lifestyle there and particularly appreciates the food: she has celiac disease so has been gluten-free for YEARS. (May I say that it would have been a lot easier for me to provide much more variety in this day and age than earlier — I had to read every ingredient on every label and be aware of all the three-mile-long words that were code for ‘contains gluten.’ Thankfully in Nepal the staples are rice, beans, veggies.)

We received a message today that she was involved in a scooter accident yesterday on her home from music campus. It appears a motorcycle cut her off and when she applied the brakes she was on loose sand due to the dry season, the scooter went out from under her, and she skidded along the side of the road. She is pretty banged up though she cautiously is saying that nothing serious happened. (She was worried about one leg, but the powers-that-be refused to do an X-ray because she walked on it — limping, mind you.)

Anna on her scooterAnna was so thankful for the full-face helmet that the children at Providence Presbyterian Church in Salisbury MD gave her last year before she returned to Nepal. I thank you, too!! She hit her head hard and is in the market for a new helmet, but this particular helmet certainly served its purpose.

Please pray that Anna might be able to get some restful sleep. She is in quite a bit of pain, and for her to even say that it must be nearly unbearable. Anna rarely complains about anything, especially physical pain. Pray also that her body will heal quickly.

I am thankful that her office is allowing her to work from home while she recuperates, at least these first few days.

Praising God that He protected her from anything worse!



  1. Kelly Clarke says:

    The Clarkes will be praying for her during her recovery.

  2. Carla Schultes says:

    Annie and I just prayed for Anna like we do every night when Annie goes to bed. I’m going right back in there to pray again!

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