Books, books, books

Books make great giftsI have a love for books. Actually it’s a bit of an addiction…take one look at our stacks of books leaned up against overstuffed bookcases and you’ll see what I mean. Thrilled to have passed this addiction on to our children…and they are passing it on to their children. So it seemed like a no-brainer to jump at the chance to help a friend begin her Usborne book consultation business, especially when our ministry is the recipient of a portion of the sales! Win-win. Our daughter Jeanne is listed as the hostess because she is located in the states, is the administrator for Ukraine Medical Outreach, Inc., and is the mother of two of our grandchildren!

Here’s the deal: We’re hosting an online book CELEBRATION! From now until October 5 all books purchased through this link will benefit UMO. Why October 5? Well, that’s my birthday…and I’d love nothing more for my birthday than for OTHERS to join my book addiction and also help our ministry.

If you have ANY questions, please feel free to contact our friend and awesome consultant Lisa Tucker…her contact info is listed at the CELEBRATION site.


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