Good Morning Girls fall study

Gods-Word-SOAPToday marks the beginning of the latest online Bible study through Good Morning Girls. This session we are looking at Luke 17-24, one chapter each week. It is designed to be accomplished by looking at small sections of scripture each day — and really considering what is meant and how it applies to each one of us.

I am once again co-leading a group on facebook — basically we try to hold each other accountable to staying in God’s word every day. We share what we’re learning and are free to ask questions in a safe environment. We pray for each other and encourage each other in our daily walk. I have been involved in several of these studies, and highly recommend them. Though we don’t get to meet the other participants face-to-face (maybe some of them we do!), we DO have the freedom to do the study each day as it fits our individual schedules. That’s a huge plus for busy women around the world!

If you’d like to join the group for this 8-week session, let me know and I’ll put you in immediately. Either way, please be praying for the ladies involved…that we will be not just informed but truly transformed by what we read in God’s word.



  1. Caroline DeCoux says:

    I would like to join.

  2. I’m having a difficult time signing on , it says my e mail address is not valid . I would like to join

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