Why wear clothes?

Okay, I’ve been reading several posts lately about modesty, and I am happy to discover that many are seeing their bodies as something to appreciate, as something to adorn attractively, and nothing of which to be ashamed. That we should clothe these bodies is not to be denied — our Creator covered Adam and Eve as soon as they realized that they had sinned. Scripture also teaches that none of us is without sin, so I put two and two together and concluded that we should be dressed.

Always did enjoy math.

Now, if it were okay to just expose all, why the clothes in the first place? I did that math above.

But if what we wear doesn’t ‘hide’ anything that’s private, what’s the point? I know that there are folks (this goes for men as well as for women) who simply think that because they are wearing SOMETHING, all is well. I don’t think so. It’s uncomfortable to have to see parts bulging out of clothes. (I can’t actually believe that it’s so comfortable wearing those outfits either.)

So, clothes so tight that I need absolutely no imagination to picture parts that shouldn’t actually be exposed…well, what’s up with that? One might as well not be wearing anything.

And then there are the see-through fabrics. Last night while Jim and I were strolling in one of the city parks I saw for the very first time a slip worn under a white skirt. What a welcome addition to a wardrobe! She still looked beautiful (though she may have felt a little bit warmer with an extra layer) and the rest of the world didn’t have to look the other way to guard our eyes.

Unfortunately that slip is not the norm here in Ukraine. Many very well-dressed women wear clothes that totally reveal their undergarments (or lack of them…). Why would someone wear white pants or a white skirt with brightly colored underwear unless it’s the underwear that the person wants to be seen! Really??!!

If you own a mirror, look at yourself from the rear. If you’re married, ask your spouse if he can see through what you’re wearing. (I’ve often asked Jim if I needed a slip depending on what I was wearing…he was happy to know that what was underneath that skirt was for his eyes only!)

It’s tough being a Christian male in Ukraine. We often pray for eyes to be protected from the onslaught of sexually-driven advertisements, and also for eyes to be protected from inappropriately attired ladies on the street.

I’m writing particularly about folks here in Ukraine. But the same holds true world-wide. Well, anywhere that we have the freedom to dress as we wish. Look at yourself. Do you really have so little respect for yourself that you’ll allow just anyone (and everyone) to take a peek? Does a husband/boyfriend really want to be walking with his true love and having her on full display?

It’s been a long summer…



  1. Chris Hoffman says:

    Well said and I totally agree! I’ve so often wanted to ask someone “dressed” in this way why they choose their particular attire.

  2. Terri Schmidt says:

    I agree wholeheartedly, Marianna. What I really don’t understand is women who claim Christ as their Saviour, yet display practically all of their body at the beach or at pools in skimpy bathing suits! What are their husbands thinking?! To be with them and say nothing or have no problem with men staring at them just boggles my mind. Same with low cut tops showing cleavage, what are these women thinking?! What is on display these days should be for the husbands only, not for other women’s husbands or single men to see.

  3. halloftyrannus says:

    I wanted to write about this. It was very sad to see Christians that way. This is the cultural captivity of the Church. The Christians in ukraine (in india too) have confusion of values and it ‘shows’ in their daily life.

  4. Jared suggested that I buy a slip for a new dress that I bought shortly after I had Martin. I love it. I wear the slip under so many of my dresses now. It just smooths out everything. I don’t know why I haven’t owned one in 5 or 6 years. It is an essential piece of my wardrobe now. I am thankful for a caring husband who looks after me. 🙂

    Also, I agree about the white skirts and pants with colored underwear. Ugh. It looks so tacky.

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