Finding a new flat

Ah, back to the flat for a simple meal.

And a connection with H. He never received our messages (?!) and had indeed rented the flat for the next day. And, instead of needing to be out by 2:00 we needed to be out by noon.

Okay, what are the options here? Well, we NEED to find a place for the next day. And airbnb participants have 24 hours to respond to requests, though most are quicker than that.

A quick return to their website and a review of the flats that are closer to the embassy. You know, where we wanted to be in the first place. So, we found the next closest flat — and took the chance that Anna (the owner) would be a better communicator than H. At least quicker…

HOORAY! Anna said yes within 20 minutes. And through our timely messages to each other, she even said she would try to have the flat ready for us by noon. I didn’t even have to ask her.

Wednesday morning required very little time to pack — after all, we originally thought that we’d be in Warsaw for only two nights! As we were putting the final items in our bags, the phone rang. It was H. He said that he DID receive some messages that he could not open. Were we “our skype name”? Um, well, it does have our last name in it. And it does mention Ukraine. Pretty good guess. Well, he just wanted us to know that he had indeed rented the flat…again emphasizing that he had not heard from us the day before. Phone calls, skype messages, emails all went unnoticed, I guess.

DSCN4619Being professional public-transport people, we made our way to Anna’s flat and arrived to her area sooner than we had expected. How fabulous to find a coffee shop just around the corner. And how wonderful to have an ICED COFFEE.

We appeared at the flat door at precisely noon and we were greeted by Anna…still wearing gloves for cleaning. She asked for 15 more minutes to finish cleaning the kitchen and we agreed to put our bags in the bedroom and give her time. A friend was helping her and between the two of them we learned of local sites and local eateries…complete with markings on a map. Anna also had several brochures describing historical sites throughout Warsaw.

While we were talking she was even cleaning the handles on the closets. This place was immaculate. And bright. And fully functional. Such a place!! When Anna and her friend left — with the instructions to call her if ever there was a problem — we sat back and just grinned. This should have been where we had stayed the whole time…had we known before arrival that our confirmed flat was NOT available. This was next on the list!

DSCN4621We studied the materials she left, quickly checked emails and decided to venture out for lunch in the neighborhood. We might never have found this place without directions from our host…it was off of the main road, through an arch to a courtyard and at the far end. Soul Kitchen.

And a lovely place at that! Mmmm, another dish with cranberries. AND we opted to split a piece of cheesecake. Splurging, for sure, but so happy to be settling into a bright, cheerful, sunny flat. Our first afternoon of not wondering what was to come, at least as far as the roof over our heads. And knowing that our next move HOPEFULLY would be returning us to Ukraine.


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