H is a real person!

So, our host (H) is a real person after all. Yes, we waited longer than five minutes. Yes, we were hungry. But mostly we just wanted to know where we were going to be able to put our bags and relax!

When H finally approached us, he had a cell phone up to his ear. Not a great first impression. He DID hang up, though, and offered to carry my HEAVY carry-on up the three flights to the flat. The cleaning lady wasn’t too excited to see us, but we promised not to look at anything.

H was excited to tell us that four marks on the wall were there because during Euro 2012 a British radio sports talk show broadcasted from this very flat. The four marks were created by hanging the radio schedule there for several weeks.

H gave us a key…oh, yeah…and walked us down to the street. He had several suggestions for lunch, including a new Ukrainian restaurant. We wanted Polish, so he escorted us to a very very small little place called Mamma Mia! Thankfully he translated the lunch menu for the day — a preset meal at a GREAT price. We agreed to the special, sat down and H asked whether we preferred to dine alone or could he join us. We were happy to have him join us…he was a fountain of historical facts and we learned a lot over lunch. We told him that we might need to stay until Friday (didn’t want to commit to an extension until we had actually been IN the flat) and he encouraged us to let him know quickly if we wanted to add two more nights.

Fine. We returned to the flat, fell asleep, and then took showers. Ah, we were renewed and ready to explore our neighborhood. Lots of little outdoor cafes, produce for sale on the street, grocery stores, AND a wonderful children’s toy store…oh, my! Good thing that our bags are small! We spent quite a while talking with the owner — a wealth of knowledge about each toy he sells — and I know where I would apply to work if I lived in Warsaw! Such fun there!!

Kitchen windowWe bought a few groceries and made a simple dinner rather than trek out again. Have I mentioned that it just might be the largest chestnut tree that I have EVER seen just outside the kitchen window?

And we decided that we would call H when we returned to add two more nights. Not because it was the greatest place in the world, BUT it was conveniently located to public transport and we liked the neighborhood. No time on our sim card, so we decided to purchase a new card the next day — with the same provider as H. After all, who else were we calling in Warsaw? Jim tried to call his number using skype-out and I sent a quick email.

No answer. No response. No idea whether we would have a place to stay after Tuesday night. Not sure that we really WANTED to stay there, but it really wasn’t bad. Not great, but not bad. And we were actually looking forward to having a couple of days with NO PLANNING on the schedule! Just a day to explore Warsaw.

BUT, for that to happen, we needed to touch base with H. He is not particularly quick to respond as we learned over the weekend, but, hey, maybe he was just having a bad weekend.

To bed, and then on the search for a new sim card and a visit to Old Town. Please respond, H.


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