Sure do miss him

Well, it’s time to renew our visas again…our last time was five years ago. Jim and I enjoyed our roundtrip train travel together and arrived back to our flat renewed, both in our documents and in our spirits. We were ready to jump back into our work with both feet.

Of course, after being away from computers for several days, one of the first things we did was check emails. Lots of ads, some ministry letters, and some from family in the U.S.

In fact, there were several from my sisters which was slightly out of the ordinary. Rarely did I receive multiple messages without my first responding.

And no wonder. The early messages were that an ambulance was en route to take my brother to the hospital. And then the updates that were not too encouraging. And then several asking us to call them — they had tried to reach us but to no avail.

And then the final message from them was that my brother had died.

Needless to say we connected immediately to our family and through the tears learned that he had died at the hospital on Cape Cod and his body was being transported back to Ohio for the funeral. We used every available ‘mile’ that we had, added cash, and made plans to be there. Thankful for my mother offering to pay for tickets for our children (two flying from Ukraine and one from Nepal) so that we could all gather together to remember him.

Oh, how we laughed at his silly antics! We actually kept expecting him to enter the room where we all had been together so many times before. The pall bearers each chose one of Doug’s ties (he had quite the collection!) and arrangements were made for the funeral and burial.

My sisters and I had to agree that the timing was actually quite amazing — the first Mother’s Day that my mom had no living son, the rest of her children were together with her! Including her only grandchildren. God is so good to us.

Remembering the best times with him…and his crazy sense of humor.

Love him so.



  1. Bizzy goldman says:

    me too!

  2. I’m so sorry to hear that your brother died so recently. I would’ve hugged you more and harder today had I known. It’s got to be hard to be far away at times.

    • Apparently (from other messages I’ve received) I wasn’t clear that my brother died five years ago…I was just remembering him on the anniversary of his death. Such a good big brother for so so many years!

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