The will of God and evil

220px-John_Calvin_2As we continue going through John Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion, I find myself thinking and rethinking what we are reading. Like, for example, this excerpt from a section on God, His will, providence and evil.

“For it would not be done if he did not permit it; yet he does not unwillingly permit it, but willingly; nor would he, being good, allow evil to be done, unless being also almighty he could make good even out of evil.”

And this:

“For our wisdom ought to be nothing else than to embrace with humble teachableness, and at least without finding fault, whatever is taught in Sacred Scripture.”

Just because we might not understand everything that is written in Scripture concerning God — some will always be a mystery — does not give us the right to change it. Oh, we hear so often about how a good God wouldn’t allow that, or an almighty God would certainly prevent that from happening, or a loving God would never permit that. (Not to mention the oft-stated comment that a loving God will certainly not send anyone to Hell.)

God reveals Himself to us through His Word, His creation and His Son. It is not for us to make God into the God we would prefer, but to ponder who He says He is.

And then fall on our knees as we realize the love and grace He abundantly pours out on us, his rebellious children.

Lord, have mercy.


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