Map work

Vova and dadLove the first Sunday of each month…not only do we have children’s catechism before the service followed by the Lord’s Supper during the service but we also have a meeting of Helping Hands children’s club. This group is designed for children between the ages of 5 and 10, and the purpose is to help them begin to see how they already can serve their families, their churches, their schools and their communities. God is not waiting for them to grow up before they can serve.

After completing a 2-step art project (an idea that they are experimenting with before possibly using this for part of an outreach), the children located their flats on a Kyiv map. (Well, Masha could only add an arrow at the edge because she is further out than most.) This map work is actually the first step in identifying where we might have clusters of children in anticipation of different neighborhood projects down the road.

I am so very thankful for the parents who escort their children to our flat — yes, it makes a long day for all involved. Thanks especially to Tanya today for being the chief worker bee for lunch preparation. And for Pastor Ivan who translated as needed. Our team is strengthening as our relationships deepen.

Be on the lookout for Helping Hands…they may show up when and where you least expect them!


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