Missions Conference

Our church in Kyiv had its very first missions conference on Saturday. We were honored to be among the missionaries who spoke.

The group-at-large was challenged to consider their role in missions whether here in Kyiv or throughout Ukraine or even around the world.

I enjoyed listening to each of the foreign missionaries, but was truly encouraged by two Ukrainian speakers who are actively serving in missions-type work. One of them, at least, has a full-time job as a taxi driver to be able to fund his passion — working with families who are infected with or affected by the HIV/AIDS virus. The other works in prisons in another area of Ukraine and I was not able to determine how he funds his work. Both are totally committed to their ministries.

DSCN4025The highlight for me was a skype call with our favorite missionary, our very own daughter Anna. She lived with us in Ukraine during our first years here and so our church is familiar with her personally. They did not know much about her ministry, though, until Saturday. Tears well up each time I hear our church praying for her, and Saturday was no exception.

We are praying that others may recognize that they are exactly where God wants them to be. And it’s right THERE that God can use them for His glory. Some may be called to leave their jobs, but most can effectively serve Him right where they are! At their work. In their neighborhood. Among family members.

To God be the glory!


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