Children’s Catechism 1-3

Yesterday I grinned form ear to ear as I listened to some of the children in our church sing a song that asked and answered the first three questions in the catechism. I work with these precious ones each Sunday before church, and we have been working on this song in anticipation of presenting it to the church-at-large.

Who made you?

What else did God make?
He made all things.

Why did God make you and all things?
For His own glory!

Starting in January, the children will sing on the fourth Sunday of each month during the time that Pastor Ivan speaks specifically to the children. Hopefully we will have the questions and answers printed in the bulletin as well…just in case the words are not clearly understood.

DSCN4028I am thankful for a gifted pianist who gives us 15-20 minutes of her time before she accompanies the choir. The students respect her and sing their best for her.

This picture is during rehearsal. All of the children are creating megaphones to help us loudly proclaim who God is and what He’s done! Each week we add an attribute to the megaphone…an attribute that the children learned during their personal Bible reading or through family devotions. I love hearing them share what they KNOW to be true about God!

(Did I mention that these questions and answers are in Ukrainian? Very helpful for my own language study!!)


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