Coalition for Children at Risk

174888_50402462366_1191841_nWhat a privilege to serve on the steering committee for the Coalition for Children at Risk!

Like-minded Christians laboring for the sake of children…whether they be abandoned to an orphanage, or living on the street, or in foster care, or in difficult home situations, or hospitalized long-term, or even adopted. The common denominator amongst us all is that we passionately care about children…and we have a deep desire to connect children to adults who will help them succeed!

Do they need tutors? Mentors? Food? Clothes? Encouragement? Counsel? Shelter?

We know their most basic need is to know the Savior. But we have many avenues to build trust with children so that they will listen to us as we share the gospel with them. And then to follow-up with them.

Such an encouragement to listen to the networking taking place and the excitement in the voices of this committee as we share with each other.

Laughter (rather than tears!) as we recognize the same roadblocks along the way of helping.

Prayer as we humbly seek the guidance of the One who is using us as His instruments.

May God receive ALL the glory for ANYTHING good that comes through His servants!


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