Medical students

Today marks Christmas Day in Ukraine and also marks the last day of winter break at the medical institutes. Old New Year’s Eve is coming up, but the country celebrates the NEW New Year’s Eve…the same one we celebrate in the U.S.

We hosted a Ghanan medical student over the weekend — to make a long story short, he needed a place to stay for two nights after an appointment in Kyiv after which he learned that there were no train tickets available until tonight.

His friend (and ours) also from Ghana was enjoying some precious time just outside of Kyiv with his bride…they married this summer, and she is working near Kyiv while he is finishing his medical training, an overnight train trip away. What a way to spend your first year of marriage, eh?!

DSCN4004We invited the three of them for dinner before their train trips this evening. It is so interesting listening to them tell stories about their home country…its culture and traditions…and their experiences here. Just for the record, being left-handed would NOT be a particularly good thing in Ghana — it’s considered rude to pass something to someone else using your left hand.

Did God really move a pediatrician and his family from a small town in Maryland to the big city of Kyiv, Ukraine? And is He now using this humble doc to reach the nations? Do we get to see a glimpse of what heaven will be like as we worship with our brothers and sisters?

We stand amazed. Humbled. Loved. Forgiven. Encouraged.

Thanks to each of you who continues to pray for our work here…it is your work, too. We are most pleased to be the hands and feet supported in prayer (and financially) by His people.

Please pray for the medical students here, both nationals and internationals. Pray for a clear understanding of the connection between faith and medicine…may God show them how He has purposed for them to use their chosen profession to serve Him.



  1. Thanks for this. I am reminded of how I feel when in worship with people from many different ethnicities, especially when singing “How Great is our God” in Russian. It is only a glimpse but its still so powerful.

    Also, I see some Ukrainian juice on the picture. It’s my favorite! Praying for you and the medical students.

    • Thanks for commenting on this post. Yes, the glimpse is so very powerful. And, yes, you are definitely seeing Ukrainian juice — some of the best in the world! Thanks for your prayers…

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