Sunday afternoon

DSCN3998Ukraine has been blessed for years by the ongoing ministry of Music Camp International, and we have personally been blessed by knowing the director, Connie Fortunato.

Connie runs camps in both Ukraine and Romania, but she has returned year after year to present a very special Christmas performance in Kyiv. She flies in from California at the end of December and with her top-notch team of teachers prepares the children to sing in multiple languages, play musical instruments (most of them for the first time ever), and sing a selection of music from Handel’s Messiah. Oh, and she does this in a week. Amazing.

Jim and I attended the final performance this afternoon and we were able to bring a guest — medical student Daniel studying in Ukraine but from Ghana. When the children sang carols from around the world, he was pleasantly surprised by the Swahili lyrics!

After the concert we had a wonderful buffet of delectable treats and had a few minutes to chit-chat with Connie and her husband Jim. Yes, we’re thankful for their friendship.

DSCN4001We opted to walk home in a beautiful snowfall. I kept thinking that I should take pictures, but it was just so beautiful out that I simply wanted to enjoy being in the moment. Absolutely gorgeous.

But as we looked up the hill to St. Andrew’s church — the only light on the hill — well, I had to get the camera out.

I highly recommend evening strolls in snowfalls.



  1. I will gladly walk with you anytime!

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