Hospital time

Visiting hospitalized children in the HIV+ section of the national children’s hospital in Kyiv. Such a delight! We never know for sure who will be there, but we have come to know many of the children over the years.

DSCN3981This week was a special treat because friends joined us. Jim’s medical English class was on Christmas break so he was able to join the fun. Wayne Dickinson and his daughter Taylor are visiting other friends of ours (the Malones) just outside of Kyiv. He first joined us at the hospital when he and his wife were adopting a precious little one. Wayne and Taylor along with Blake and Hannah Malone met us at our flat and we traveled to the hospital together.

We were extra thankful that Wayne had his guitar with him. One of the little boys has very poor eyesight and so he cannot join us for some of our games. When I asked him if he wanted to play the guitar, he grinned, nodded and I took him the hand to Wayne. Wayne spent one-on-one time making music while the rest of us played holiday bingo.

DSCN3982And then everyone joined in for pin the carrot nose on the snowman. Lots of laughter as the dizzy participants strayed far from the snowman before being led a bit closer. Jim nearly left the room on his turn, and stuck the carrot on Blake at one point. Howls of laughter, of course.

Another family also joined us there…the Bergstroms. They visited these children several times during the summer, but then school began and their afternoons were no longer free. Thankful for Christmas break so that they could visit once again. They packaged candy for each of the patients and also provided various colors of fingernail polish for the girls. Ellie and Adeline (and Hannah and Taylor) applied the chosen colors much to the delight of the young girls. Aiden left the painting to the girls but he played an awesome game of bingo!

DSCN3986Even dad Chris entertained the troops by reading Russian poems to them. The giggles were priceless as they corrected his accent…they thought he was quite understandable, by the way.

So appreciative of friends who will spend their afternoons breaking up the monotony of another day in the hospital for these patients. They will long remember you…


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