Institutes of the Christian Religion

220px-John_Calvin_2As I posted last month, Jim and I are participants in a group worldwide organized to read Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion in 2013.

We have started reading…introductions, epistles, prefatory…and we dig into the actual work next Monday. I have been so encouraged already! First, I was always fearful that these volumes would be more than I could understand…vocabulary, style, depth…so I was satisfied with snippets found in other locations. Guess what?! They’re not! They’re actually written so that even I can understand…purposefully so. And, when I actually think about it, of course they would be written for laymen as well as clergy…otherwise, things would still be the way they were. You know, I can’t understand unless the priest explains it to me. So this book is meant to aid in the understanding of Scripture — not to replace it — so that the church at large may be edified. All was written to His glory and for His church.

Second, we are part of a facebook group organized to read the Institutes together and to comment, ask questions, encourage each other. Interactively reading with folks around the world. I know several of the people in the group and I am strongly encouraged by their participation and comments already.

All this to say, it is not too late to join in! We’re over 200 strong, but the more the merrier. You will certainly be blessed. I’m quite sure of that.

(Instructions for joining the group are linked through my previous post. Click here to see.)


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