John Calvin 2013

So, who wants to join me in reading through Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion over the course of 2013?

I often read snippets of this work quoted here and there, but I have never actually read it from cover to cover. My friend Lynne read the 2-volume set years ago and often mentions the value of having done so. I personally have been too intimidated by the size…and unsure whether I would be disciplined enough to finish the task…so I have simply neglected to even try.

220px-John_Calvin_2Well, last month I somehow came across a blog called Stir Up…the author was challenging people to join him in reading the Institutes throughout 2013. Though I haven’t seen it yet, he is going to create a site on facebook for readers to interact with each other. The Gospel Coalition had posted a daily-reading schedule and had calculated that it would only take about 15 minutes a day (minus weekends and some other holidays) to complete the books in a year.

I ordered the version that the blog author is using and am now declaring my intentions: Jim and I will together work through this book throughout 2013.

And so I again ask who might join me? We can hold each other accountable!



  1. I’m in!!


    • Hooray! There is a group on facebook for interaction between those of us reading: 2013 Calvin Reading Group. Click the button to request membership and one of the admins approves you to join. If you’re not on facebook…no problem!

  2. I am also in 😀

    • Welcome! Be sure to click through to the original blog on Stir Up…we will all be following that author’s lead…

      • Brilliant 😀 I am following Stir Up. I cannot wait. I have read it but not as a group. The group would help to reflect and ponder God’s majesty as expounded by Calvin in a community and fellowship way.

  3. This is a GREAT idea… I’ll be looking for you all on the FB Group page. Thanks for this awesome and timely invite/challenge

  4. I’m in too, of course. See you all on the Facebook page and Stir Up!

  5. Hmmmm. . . I might be interested in this. Might also suggest it to my 16 year old. (We have it in book form and kindle. . .)

    • It looks a great way to be held accountable for the short readings (15-20 minutes) each day…with weekends off plus some holidays. I will be interested to read what others are thinking as well. Glad to be doing this together with Jim. Maybe you and your son could go through it together as well. Hope to see your comments from time to time.


  1. […] As I posted last month, Jim and I are participants in a group worldwide organized to read Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion in 2013. […]

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