Make disciples

About 20 people in our church met this evening to hear an overview approach about evangelism and how to go about it. Several members are interested in a 3-day program that gives more details and also practical experience. Very encouraging.

Jim and I were asked to say a few words at the end because of our strong desire to train people to DISCIPLE. Scripture clearly states that we are to go out into the world and make disciples. So when new believers show up at church, whose job is it to disciple them? Actually, whoever invited that guest. That is the person who has the relationship already established. So we challenged the folks tonight to consider being trained to disciple so that they can work with the new believers who will soon be attending our church.

And the ongoing training of disciples to be disciples who in turn will be disciples is the key to a growing (spiritually as well as in number) healthy church.

Please pray that leaders in the church as well as the congregation will get excited about Multiply, a program designed to train trainers to disciple disciples who in turn will disciple disciples and so on. Our pastor is totally on board!



  1. Can i get Missionaries here in Kenya, Africa ?

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