Snow, snow, snow

Kyiv received the first snow of the year today. Started with cold rain. Froze up a bit and literally poured snow. Slowed down. Melted. Froze. Not sure what to expect in the morning, but it sure is beautiful today.

photo copyIt certainly puts a bounce in my spirit as I look outside to the beauty of freshly fallen snow as I continue to decorate the inside of our flat. Oh, and the scent of oatmeal scotchies (so thankful to have fresh baking supplies…hooray for butterscotch chips!) fresh from the oven. Loving that it’s cold enough to use the oven for hours!

Yes indeed. It’s beginning to look and smell a lot like Christmas.

Now, if I could just get more family over here…



  1. kristin Fisher says:

    Brr….it’s a balmy 70 degrees here today and Ian is wondering if it will EVER snow in Va.!

  2. Maybe he will remember that you had lots of snow last year…love you and your family and prayed for all y’all this morning with Jim. So thankful for our short visit in the spring!

  3. My mom sent me to this site and she was completely right.

    Keep up all the terrific work

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