Children’s catechism

Well, we’re about two months into the process of teaching the catechism to children in our church. We have taught five questions and answers — in Ukrainian — and have introduced a song that incorporates the first three questions and answers.

Some of the children already know them. Some of the children are quick learners. Some of the children act bored. Some of the children have attention-disorders. And the age span is fairly great for such a class. But, we press on. Thankful that some are actually learning. And wondering whether our time is being invested well.

Yesterday was SUCH a breakthrough!! Our ‘bored’ student who refuses to smile…well, he smiled throughout most of the class. And our ADHD student…well, he was totally engaged! He came in complaining that he didn’t really like the class, and left with a grin saying that he actually loved it. And the students in between? They smiled, learned, repeated, encouraged each other. Hooray for time well spent!

Pressing on…Thank you, Church of the Holy Trinity, for trusting us with your children.


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