Helping Hands

Our children’s club met again this afternoon and came up with the official name: Helping Hands. We had so many suggestions over the past month, but this is the one chosen today. A couple of our artists will hopefully create a logo, of sorts. Thankful for some new participants today.

Each meeting, the children find their names on the attendance chart and add a sticker on the appropriate date. It is surprising how motivating a sticker can be!

As usual, we prepared calendars for each child — THANKS, Lyena, for the hours of computer work, cutting, punching! They looked great. The children who arrived early were able to decorate the calendar covers, thanks to Westminster Pres in Huntsville for the carousel of crayons! On each date, the children learn an interesting fact, or discover that a friend has a birthday, or are asked to consider a Scripture verse with space to write their own thoughts. These questions prepare the children for what will be coming up at the next meeting.

Today we learned a bit about our bodies…and particularly about how our amazing God designed them. We compared heights of children, curliness of hair, colors of eyes. We tried to find someone with the same color eyes as ourselves…a great way to get them looking at each other! It’s always good to get these kiddos up and moving about, so you can be sure that this lively group did the Hokey Pokey and Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes. Honestly, how can you discuss body parts and not do those two classics?

Dr. Jim had his stethoscope and the children listened to their own heartbeats. First, they simply stood still…and then, after some activity, they listened again. One of the boys said that you could hear that it was faster but that you could actually feel it speed up!

We asked whether we had to think about when to blink. Or when to breathe. Or if we had to tell our hearts to pump blood. And then we had a short story about how our bodies even fight infections without us having to say a word. Our God thought of everything!

The Land of Inside You. Starring Inspector Bodyguard with supporting roles by Captain Blast and General Cold Virus. Lyena did a super job narrating the story that was illustrated not only by some creative power point slides (thanks, Toliy!) but also by live performers. Tanya was one awesome gob creator — you know, the little gobs of mucus that join together to make a thin layer of protection in your nose. Once General Cold Virus invaded she had to work overtime and created so many gobs that there were too many to stay in the nose — the gobs tried to flood those awful germs. (Tanya created the gobs by blowing bubbles, just in case you like details…)

Captain Blast, the Germbuster, was able to put together a formidable army of antibodies specifically created by God to fight this particular virus. One on one. The battle raged for three days, but the antibodies eventually won. Way to go, Captain Blast!

Afterwards, we outlined the children’s bodies and gave them time to color them, though we had to cut this aspect short. Well, if they wanted a snack, that is. We rolled up their images and sent them home with them to finish on their own.

Over the next couple of weeks, the children’s calendars will prompt them to consider what God calls His people…the body of Christ. And what does that mean for each of us in light of what we’ve learned about our bodies…

Can’t wait to get back together with these children!


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