Nick Vujicic in Serbia

While in Serbia over the weekend, I had the privilege of hearing Nick Vujicic speak to a sold-out crowd in the city of Novi Sad. Turns out that Nick was born in Australia to Serbian immigrants but has lived in L.A. for the past several years. He was such an encouragement to Serbia, in general, and most specifically to those living with disabilities. The front section of the ‘floor’ in front of the stage was reserved for wheelchairs. Did I mention that it was sold out? And WE were blessed with fourth-row seats?!

A large part of his message has to do with accepting yourself for who you are, and not listening to the words of others when they say you can’t do something, you look funny, you’re too short, your hair is too curly, or whatever it is that is causing you to think negatively about yourself. God designed each one of us exactly as we are…for His own glory!

Loud applause thundered around the arena when he announced that his wife of seven months is expecting their son in January.

Looking for inspiration? Watch this:


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