September 14

I know that this seems quite impossible to everyone, but our sweet little first grandson is turning TWO years old today!

It’s hard to put in words how I feel about this…especially since we are not even on the same continent so I can’t join in the festivities.

I remember how absolutely amazing it was to become a mother. And how surprised I was at just how much love I felt for my children — all three of them. Was it possible to even HAVE that much love inside?!

And now I’m a grammy. My heart swells just thinking about three special little boys in America. And I thank God for skype. Seriously!!

How I wish I were hugging the birthday boy! But how thankful I am that I’ll be able to hear his laughter in a little while. And I will tell him how much his Grammy and Poppy love him. And are so proud of him. And wish that he’d stop growing so quickly while we’re gone. And we’ll blow kisses to each other. And say, “Loobloo tebe.” And I’ll long for a touch. REALLLLLY long for that hug. And I’ll laugh at his antics. And grin as I remember my own children’s birthdays. (The girls turned 2 a week after their little brother was born — oh, I so remember THAT birthday!!)

And I’ll rejoice that we have each other even if only online for a time. And I’ll praise God that this little boy has two parents who love him dearly. And who are bringing him up to know Him.

And I’ll pray for the countless orphans in the world who wish someone would remember THEIR birthdays. And I’ll give some extra hugs to our hospitalized orphans that we visit each week.

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