First Bell … for ME!

First Bell. Kyiv, Ukraine. Marks the first day of the new school year and is always on September 1. Unless that date falls on a Sunday. So this year school officially started on Saturday.

But today was MY First Bell. For a variety of reasons, I have not had a Ukrainian language lesson since January or February. Yikes! That is a really long time for me to be without instruction. I was a bit nervous about what I have probably forgotten, but Tatjana proves to be a gracious and encouraging teacher.

I baked cookies in the shape of bells for some children on September 1 and I froze a few extras that I pulled out today for the big day. Great minds think alike: Tatjana baked some amazing apple-filled pastries and brought them to share! Yummy. I can always think better with fresh coffee and tasty treats.

At the end of our two-hour session, Tatjana said that I wasn’t as bad as I had promised her. (When scheduling the date to start I feared the worst!) And I even surprised myself from time to time.

Looking forward to some serious study coming up.


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