Meet the Russell family

UPDATE TO THIS POST: It appears that they will be flying via Air France. For the most current information, click directly to their blog below. Thanks for the prayers and thanks for private messages sent…

I know that I write this over and over and over again. But it’s the truth: We meet the most amazing people here, and many of them through the process of adoption.

May I introduce you to a family that personifies stepping out in faith? I cannot share all that has happened to this precious family since they decided to say ‘yes’ to adopting Katia, but most of their story is posted on their blog: One little girl…great big God.

The link takes you to Tuesday’s update and prayer request. And quite a request, I might add. But nothing is too hard for our God.

Maybe someone reading this blog has some connections with the airlines. It will need to be someone with some decision-making power. As it stands right now, as you will read in their blog post, no airlines is willing to fly with Katia aboard. Why? Well, it’s not just her health issues, though she has many. Her mother is a nurse and is prepared to handle whatever comes along during the flights. But the reason she can’t fly is that she is too old to be on a lap — she MUST occupy her own seat. Regulations. All children of her age (7 or 8) must sit buckled into their seat for take-off and landing.

Here’s the catch: She only weighs just over 12-13 pounds…more like an infant. AND one of her health issues is that she does not bend at the waist. Her parents purchased a harness in the States that would attach her securely to her mother or father. BUT she is technically too old to take off and land in that position.

So, I am asking you to pray for a solution. Or contact someone connected with the airlines, if you have friends there.

Oh, and the embassy would not issue a visa until she is cleared to fly. So, another step needs to be repeated in this whole process once they can book tickets! Pray for quick action on their part.

We have been blessed with the Russell’s company for a couple of dinners while they’ve been here and we marvel at their faith lived out day by day. Calmly putting one foot in front of the other. Praising God along the way.

May God bless them richly! And may their return to the States be as a family…all together!


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