Children to children

Oh, I love when new friends get to visit my little friends in the HIV/AIDS unit of the hospital. And I especially enjoyed visiting this week with a whole family involved!

The patients love a card game called Serpentina and so Lena gave Wendy and her children a quick lesson. The goal is to complete the serpent — be the last person to add the head or the tail and you get to collect that serpent. You want the longest snake possible, but you don’t want to pass up a chance to complete a smaller one. And all pieces have to match colors.  Lena won the practice round!

The patients found these English-speaking children very entertaining. And as the crowd grew around our group, the finger nail polish was placed out on the table. (These guys came prepared!) It didn’t take long before Wendy was multi-tasking…playing cards AND painting nails.

The afternoon was hot, but the shaded pavement in front of the building was perfect for sidewalk chalk. (Did I mention that these guys came prepared?!) And what was the favorite drawing? Outlines of the children. I’m sure that some of the Ukrainian parents/caregivers watching were not thrilled with the children stretching out on the pavement, but the children were hooked. They contorted into all kinds of strange shapes and then giggled after looking at their outlines. Such a fun time.

Even our little 2-year-old visitor got into the action…once she spotted a 13-month-old girl sitting in a walker, she just could not stay away. When Lena and I each took a hand of the little patient so that she could walk, we had a certain little someone close on our heels. And then hugs. And a kiss on the forehead. So sweet.

As we left the scene, one of the little patients ran up to ask if we’d be back again.

You bet.



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