Make new friends

We are so privileged to meet some fabulous people simply because we’re in Kyiv. Among our favorite people are those who are here adopting: as I’ve posted many a time…these couples are our heroes. They maneuver an ever-changing adoption landscape here, and survive the wildest of emotional roller coasters. And then head home to live out one of the most glorious adventures ever…raising their family!

Sometimes, though, these couples spend many days right here in Kyiv with time on their hands. Sightseeing. Souvenir shopping. Food sampling. Hanging out with other adopting couples. All fun, all exciting, but they want to do more.

And we are most thrilled to have them escort us to different hospitals and bring joy to the patients.

Jana Daley visited two hospitals with us — one with both of her daughters and one with her youngest daughter. They made friendship bracelets from threads as well as from duct tape (who knew?!) and snuggled with the teeniest young ones, even giving them bottles. This week they’re returning with fingernail polish — can’t wait to see those smiles on the patients’ faces!

Thank you, girls! It may not have seemed like a lot, but, trust me, you will be remembered at the hospital! Your servant’s hearts burst forth in your beautiful smiles to the children and your sweet approach to them. May God continue to bless you as you so selflessly bless others.



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