Adoption: Ten Years Later


I tend to often post something about adoption — whether it’s children needing a forever family, or amazing families that I’ve met here in Ukraine while in the midst of adopting, or our spiritual adoption, or resources for adopting families.

Today I read a post by Dr. Russell Moore, author of Adopted for Life, and I knew I had to share it with everyone.

Frequently people blog less once they have returned home with their children…understandable, for sure! Jim and I have been fortunate enough to maintain close contact with MANY families who have adopted over the years, particularly from Ukraine. The stories of the ongoing challenges and celebrations are not talked about too much — no one wants to appear to be a failure (they’re not), or wants to deter other families from adopting (every story is different, but not without challenges!), and as life gets busier and busier, blogging gets less and less. I’ve often commented that I can either LIVE life or WRITE about it, but I struggle to maintain both. Hence my sporadic posts!

So I was drawn to the title Ten Years Later.

For those who have adopted, for those in the process, for those considering, here is one family’s brief report Ten Years Later.


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