Friday at the site…and elsewhere

We arrived home late last night after visiting with Pastor Ivan at his office, strolling the main street, (posing for pictures along the way), a dinner out and the ballet Sleeping Beauty.  We were so very thankful that we had prearranged for two cars to pick us up after the performance and return us directly to our campsite.

Jim escorted Emma and Edie to a McDonald’s in the center where Pastor Ivan met them and took them to visit some home bound ladies in our church.  A sweet time of encouragement and hope. So thankful for their time together.

Jim, meanwhile, rode 5 hours by bus to speak at a medical school graduation reception. He was personally invited by one of the new graduates…quite an honor! He will be returning to us tomorrow morning…leaving on the 6:00 bus back to Kyiv.

Today was our final day to accomplish MUCH in the preparations for the camp…our creative geniuses made beautiful pennants to represent each age group: the runners, the swimmers, the hurdlers and the gymnasts. I can’t even tell you how much laughing went into each one of these…

We completed the name tags — names in both Cyrillic and Arabic — and sorted them by age group. We’re hoping that if we’re organized ENOUGH that maybe the registration process won’t steal too much of our actual camp time.  A team can dream, right? We are all getting excited to see the children we have been praying for…73 registered for the camp here at the site and then another 10 or so at the hospital.

Sample crafts were completed and each set of craft supplies was organized by day. Well done, Lauren!

A rousing game of Phase 10 for a few (congratulations to Jen, the winner!), blog posting, skype…and thinking through logistics for tomorrow. Whew! An early morning…devotions will begin at 8:15…everyone needs to be ready to go out the door at the conclusion of devotions. Breakfast, showered, etc. We’re off to hear Emma as she teaches about the godly woman…praying for a good turnout from the church.

May God use Emma’s words to encourage, challenge, convict, and bless.




  1. deb mcfadden says:

    Wow, what a day!!!! Love getting these updates! Praying for you and especially Emma and the women who come to hear as she speaks on Saturday.

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