From Pioneer Camp to Olympic Village

Today marked the first full day for our Huntsville team to be in Ukraine. Our mission was to begin the preparations to turn a former pioneer camp into an Olympic village for our VBS next week. We had LOTS to do.

Suitcases filled with supplies spilled out onto windowsills, benches and tables as we evaluated what supplies we had and what we might possibly still need to find. This creative team brainstormed and then began the creative process. First job: create the crowd scene in the Olympic stadium.

And then the torch.

And wash the T-shirts so that they will be ready for tie dye. And count the books for each camper.

And determine names for each age group and then create a pennant to represent that name. Of course Olympic events were the focus, so we have Gymnasts, etc. The pennants will have silhouettes of the athletes in action.

Fortunately we did not run out of steam. We have Starbucks brewing every couple of hours.

And our fabulous cooking team of Luba and Nick never fail to keep our stomachs full and our energy high.

I think everyone will rest very soundly tonight.

Big plans for tomorrow…


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