Autism in Ukraine

Ukraine Medical Outreach board member Tom Saxon and videographer Matt Blick have joined forces to create a documentary about autism in Ukraine. They have completed a trailer, but need more funds to produce the final product.

They are currently in a contest that could win them up to $50,000. They actually are quite content to come in at a lower bracket (2nd – 6th place) because the $10,000 awarded to them for that finish would allow them to complete their documentary.

So, how can we help? Simply vote once a day. Until the end of June. Own more than one computer? Vote on each one!

The funds would allow them to finish their documentary and also offset costs for translating and printing important textbooks re autism and its treatment. Would you take a look at their information and consider voting everyday??

Words of the team creating the film:

The contest for “Not Forgotten-The Secret of Autism in Ukraine fell to 8th place yesterday because not enough people voted. We need a minimum of 100 votes a day to be one of the 6 winners. Please help us out today and everyday till June 30th. Vote here!

If you have never voted, go here. It is easy!

Thanks for considering this information!

(The first time you vote requires a few clicks, but from then on it’s just two quick clicks!)

Thanks so much for helping them help Ukraine’s children.


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