Westminster Presbyterian

One of our favorite places to visit is Huntsville, Alabama. Why? Well, we have some great friends there AND we can visit Westminster Presbyterian Church. It is so refreshing to enter a church where immediately you know that you have come to worship the living King. Worship is taken seriously here. From the call to worship to the postlude, it’s all about Christ. His work. His grace. His love. It’s such a joy to see the camaraderie among the folks.

We took part in their missions conference in March and when we weren’t hunkering down due to tornado warnings, we were enjoying the sweet fellowship of the members of that church as well as with many other missionaries. The conference intentionally provides time for missionaries to get to know the church members and vice versa. Such a relaxed time…always good food, lots of laughter, serious questions, and care.

This particular year it was a mini-reunion of several missionaries who once worshiped together in a small church in Salisbury, Maryland. We’re now spread around the world!

As I look back to that missions weekend, I savor the moments with our friends there. We were truly spoiled…the congregation has definitely learned what it means to serve with joy. And to add to that spoiling…in less than two weeks, eight members of that church will be coming to Ukraine to serve here! Yes, we are spoiled!

We are so looking forward to their time here — serving the Church of the Holy Trinity as well as serving Ukraine Medical Outreach, Inc. They will not only be teaching a special seminar and Sunday school class, but they have spent weeks preparing for two special children’s camps. The first five-day camp will take place outside of Kyiv — we will be busing children to the beautiful location in Bucha. And then the second five-day camp will take place each evening in the HIV/AIDS ward at Okmatdet, the national children’s hospital. This team has come once before and I can’t begin to tell the team how much the children are looking forward to seeing them again.

Please pray for all of us as we finalize the details. Because Ukraine is a co-host to the Euro2012 futbol tournament, prices for everything are beginning to rise. As much as we can purchase now (obviously non-perishables), we are busily buying. Our fabulous camp cook is searching out bargains everywhere so that we can prepare hot healthy meals for the children entrusted to us, at a reasonable cost.

May God be glorified through all we do!


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