On the move

Jim and I returned from the States on Saturday afternoon — not too long after our house guest also arrived at the airport. So thankful for Chris Malone who was willing to meet our guest, and then wait for our arrival. Travel was pleasantly uneventful…thanks for your prayers!

I am convinced, by the way, that a lot of jetlag has to do with state of mind…we pretty much deny it and then stay on the move. If we sit for long, we’ll nod off, but I must say that we have had two good nights of sleep (hitting the sack after 10 each night) and have put in full days!

I am taking advantage of the time that Jim is at a medical student conference (have I mentioned that we don’t waste much time around here?!) to catch up with so many things that simply were left undone while we were in the States. It was sad to leave my blog so poorly updated, but we were in the midst of craziness! I could live my life OR I could write about it, but I just didn’t have time to do both.

One month of intensive travel from coast-to-coast and then a month with family as we all welcomed Alek (our third grandson in 18 months!) to this world. Honestly, I was more tired watching grandchildren than I was on the road and in the air. What a privilege to experience those first weeks, though.

I should be back on a more regular blogging schedule — did you notice that I couldn’t even keep up with my Sunday posts?! Looking through bazillions of pictures, needing to update our ministry newsletter, preparing for a jaunt to Switzerland, and soon to welcome a team from Alabama who will be here to run two camps for HIV+ children. And that’s our schedule through the first week in June!! Many details still need to be worked out for the camp…please pray for all involved!



  1. Hard to believe we were just hanging out last Monday and now you are half way around the world! Thanks for making the effort to come! I can tell you that we have warmed up significantly since you were here! No hot tea necessary!

    • It was HOT here when we arrived! So thankful that we could find time to get together if only for a few short hours…can’t wait to take the video of Ian to the center! Praying for your renovations to be complete SOON …

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