Mom, Aunt Jeanne, Gramma, Great-gramma

A little slow in posting these days…can anyone guess why? What a schedule we have kept…and now that we’re in one place for several weeks, our days are just as full…only now they’re full with grandchildren.

Towards the end of March, Jim and I visited my mother in Cincinnati. We hadn’t seen her in over seven months and we were not only anxious to get time with her but we were also curious about her new assisted-living arrangement. She had previously been in a great setting, but it unfortunately went downhill over the months that she was there.

We were thrilled…and that’s not an overstatement…to find her in such good spirits! She is actively participating in various group events, enjoying her made-to-order meals (she has actually put on weight) and has daily sessions with an occupational therapist, physical therapist and speech therapist. She (and the other ladies) are also thoroughly spoiled by the caregivers — hairdos, manicures — and are obviously loved by them.

We were quite impressed with the staff and their attention to detail. They all also made a point of speaking to us, and usually had cheerful expressions and pleasant tones when communicating to each other, visitors, and residents.

And thanks to skype, we were able to connect great-grandchildren with Mom while we were there. My favorite skype visit took place during one of mom’s therapies. She was supposed to swat a ball back to the therapist when it was slowly tossed to her. Each time that she accomplished her goal, her then 17-month-old great-grandson gave her a rousing ovation. Encouragement for Mom and joy for all of us witnessing it!

Thanks, Biz, for finding such a great spot for Mom and doing whatever it took to get her situated there. And thanks to Janet AND Biz for helping with the details of the physical move. We’re so appreciative and Mom is so happy.

Love you bunches, Mom.



  1. Melanie Hall says:

    Precious pics! Of course your mom is doing all those things…she is YOUR mother afterall…it reminds me of how you would be at that age :)…full of life and fun activities 🙂 I havent even met her, but I know she has to be quite a woman just from meeting her daughter 🙂

  2. Whoa…didn’t expect THAT response from a post about my mom…Thanks, Mel! She’s a great mom and I hope my own kiddos and grandchildren will be so proud of me as I am of her!

  3. How wonderful! Great pictures. It must be such a relief to know your Mom is well cared for. You are blessed to have found such a wonderful facility!

    • She is in a remarkable facility and we do not take a single moment for granted! It is definitely comforting to know that she is in a safe, caring environment!

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