It’s always fun to meet with people that you haven’t seen in years. So many changes. And it’s truly exciting to meet with said people and hear what the LORD is doing in their lives.

We had that delightful experience in Birmingham when we caught up with Chalice, a special daughter of Damien and Kate…friends from our home church in Salisbury, Maryland. We haven’t seen Chalice since before we moved to Ukraine…and she was 11 years old then! She is a beautiful young 20-something now with a heart exploding with love for the orphans in Uganda.

She is in Birmingham working as an intern with Pearl Ministries a mission with the goal to advance the kingdom of heaven in Uganda by providing a gospel-centered, holistic approach to address the critical needs of Ugandan communities, beginning with their orphans and vulnerable children.

Pray for Chalice as she seeks to find her place in His kingdom work.



  1. kate huntington says:

    love that you two got together:) xoxox

  2. you are so very precious, marianna. what a gift it was to spend time with you and jim! thanks so much for carving out some time to make that happen:) praying for you!!!

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